To Me.

For, Ships they do drown
Friend or foe, they do frown
Remorse has myriad layers to me
For, hope is my beloved town.

For, Love is a game they tout
Victory is what it’s all about
Disparate these dimensions are to me
For, my heart has it’s own doubt.

For, deepest is love’s river
A give & take makes you richer
Love has myriad shades to me
For, no matter life’s endless quests
You shall be this elixir’s giver.

For, soul strings are never weak
Unison the bond I seek
Togetherness has myriad meanings to me
For, I just listen and you forever speak.

For, words have their limits
The world has its gimmicks
Silence brings myriad thoughts to me
For, no matter how much they tried
Your untramelled feelings oveshadowed cynics.

For, time is fleeting
Your roads somewhere part, somewhere meeting
Journey has myriad ways to me
For, them is a goodbye and you is a greeting.

For, their sin had it’s second chance
Always brave, and never whining
Courage has myriad sounds to me
For, even your cloud has it’s silver lining.

For, life has its own ways
What you live for it says
Failure speaks myriad languages to me
For, no matter how the lights blaze
Now I know this fire kindles your hopes
Your unknown path it glows
For, we’ll never know what we’re made for
Close that chapter, and open new doors.


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